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The frāctus Open Collective License grants the ability to utilise a “fractal(s)” that is based on frāctus, or part of its Strategic Information System(s), Publishing, Generative Research, Artistic Permutation Design, Supply Chain Orchestration and Network Alliance Distribution Units, Kaleidoscopic Articulation (ⅇ, Standard Technologies Proprietary Limited, ionth, International Placement, Zurî.ch, łedger, etc.), Newfound Combination (duo key, curvilinear reflex, angle phenomenon, etc.) and Scalar Assets: Progression Designs (The Angle Of Incidence Of Ancient Fables and Deal Brokerage Apotheosis For Multi Returns and Complex Interactions Derived For Definition and Base Layer Merged With Viable Stakeholders and Actualising Formative° Returns On Investment and Non-Profit And For-Profit Terms To Exponential) and Board Points (Client and Subscriber and Importer and Exporter and Closed and Open and Domestic and Foreign and Bear and Bull) and Arbitrage Items (Web Token Format° and Fractal Occurrence Meter and Anchored Trust Designation) and Industry Performances, and Scale™ and the frāctus Entre Nous and Workflow, for internal or external growth and profit, which is not growing or profiteering on these internal properties themselves or external frāctus properties as well and non-profiteering, which follows these guidelines. What this does is that it allows for exponential standard and space formation, for objective resource information management. This protects both the intellectual property (such as °, IPR°, ™, ℠) within and outside the frāctus. Each license that is granted, must be administered by the frāctus collective itself, for the Open Collective, with the frāctus Open Collective License imagery and if applicable, the Entre Nous and Workflow diagrams, and the above legalese on the legal literature of any format of the projected materials. All "fractal(s)" must be in accordance with all of the frāctus Kaleidoscopic Articulation disclaimers, including: the End-User License Agreement & Privacy Policy, EULA, Terms of Service, Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and the Legal Statement and Privacy Policy of Tyner Group. The Open Collective License can be used alongside the frāctus Syntactic Neurology Code with the Domino Effect, Club Allotment and Guest Entrance Licenses, if that supports the "fractal(s)". This License, does not endorse any non-frāctus usage of the linear Diagonal Org Planning (Business Model° or Future Proof Trends or Communicatives or Fair Trade Scenarios). The Market Dynamics and Landscape Capsulation of frāctus are essential to unearth direction of the common and rare, along with these terms. All pathway and gateway configuration is managed by Orthodrome & ℝ, part of the frāctus ecosystem.

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Each part of frāctus is an org, which makes a greater org, and can be considered to be one org, and then processed into smaller orgs. Some start with alpha.

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